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I am thrilled to share my experience working with Shadab as my mindset and empowerment coach. Over the course of six sessions, she has made a profound impact on my life, helping me navigate through overwhelming challenges and providing me with the tools and guidance necessary for personal growth. Shadab possesses an incredible ability to support and challenge my way of thinking. Her coaching style is both nurturing and empowering, creating a safe space for exploration and self-reflection. She listened attentively to my concerns and aspirations, and together we set clear goals and developed a roadmap to achieve them. One of the most remarkable aspects of working with Shadab was her talent for breaking down complex situations into manageable steps. She helped me identify the root causes of my overwhelm and then guided me in implementing practical strategies to address them. Her insights were spot-on, and I found them highly effective. Throughout our sessions, Shadab demonstrated genuine care and empathy, fostering a strong and trusting rapport. She provided unwavering support, which enabled me to step out of my comfort zone and embrace new perspectives. With her guidance, I gained a deeper understanding of myself and discovered untapped strengths and abilities. Thanks to Shadab, I now feel equipped to handle challenges with more confidence and resilience. Her guidance has transformed my life, and I am grateful for the positive impact she has had on my personal development journey. I wholeheartedly recommend Shadab as a mindset and empowerment coach to anyone seeking guidance, support, and personal growth. Her expertise, compassion, and exceptional coaching style make her an invaluable resource. If you are ready to take the necessary steps towards a more fulfilling and balanced life, Shadab is the person to guide you on that transformative journey.

Arabella. S, London

When I embarked on my coaching journey with Shadab, I was unaware of my limiting beliefs and lingering childhood traumas. However, Shadab provided me with a safe and open space to freely discuss my fears and insecurities. From our very first session, I began to discern recurring patterns and childhood traumas that had been influencing my pursuit of happiness within my relationships. As a coach, Shadab helped me recognise that I had been predominantly operating from masculine energy, adversely affecting my relationships. This tendency stemmed from deep-seated fears of abandonment that had originated in my childhood, coupled with self-doubts regarding my worthiness. Shadab not only facilitated the exploration of these underlying patterns and beliefs, but also offered actionable steps to address them, subsequently enhancing the quality of my relationships and, most importantly, fostering a stronger sense of self-worth and value. I have already begun to observe subtle yet significant transformations in various aspects of my life, and I wholeheartedly recommend Shadab to anyone seeking transformative coaching.

Ruby. M, Leeds

I had the pleasure of having Shadab coach me a few months ago. I had a lot of family-related anxiety with some close family members for over forty years. Shadab has a calm and very effective manner in which she coached me. Also, she is very spiritual in nature. By the end of the coaching sessions, not only I felt a lot better emotionally but my relationship with myself and my family members improved drastically. Thanks, Shadab, for helping me conquer what I thought was impossible. Highly recommend Shadab as a mindset and empowerment coach. Thanks again Shadab for some very healing coaching sessions!

Madhura. N, USA

I’d like to take a moment and describe some of the journey, I’ve been on lately with Shadab’s expertise and guidance right by my side the entire time. I came to Shadab with an interest in strengthening a habit that had fallen away in the last several years. At each session, Shadab skilfully asked the right questions to allow my heart and mind to absorb the importance of each question and then to be able to solve my concerns, and fears, and plan my next steps. With her help and her calm demeanour, she gave me the space I needed to see exactly what I needed, and why. Every session with Shadab opened my eyes to see not only how my past could heal, but also how intensely bright my future is. My whole mindset has shifted and now I realized that the ability to make changes lies within me. I would recommend Shadab in a heartbeat, and I am always available to discuss my recent coaching journey with Shadab with anyone who might request a personal recommendation. Warmly.

Christine. C, USA

I started my coaching journey with Shadab because I was insecure and doubtful of my abilities and skills. I had an imposter syndrome, and I was operating from I am not enough mentality. However, over the last 3 weeks, I got rid of my limiting belief that “I am not enough “. I gained more confidence working through the root cause of it, namely that since my childhood I had a self-perceived view of not being seen or heard by my parents. Challenging those beliefs and putting them into perspective helped me get rid of them and understand that I am a unique individual, with my own interests and skills that are now embracing me on my path that is different from others. I am exactly where I need to be, I don’t compare myself to others anymore. Her coaching style/techniques were well suited for me, she went with me to the dark side of my past and mind and then managed to guide me out of it with a new perspective. She was always kind and empathetic. She asked the right questions and was patient and listened well. Thank you, Shadab, for your help and the great work. I really appreciate it and I think you are a very talented and great coach.

Sophia M.K, Germany

It has been an adventurous and spiritual rollercoaster ride being coached by Shadab. We started with a goal and a sub-mini goal: managing my triggers in my personal life and handling social media exposure. I not only had deep reflections and made conscious choices regarding my mindset, emotions, and reactions but I could also build my own toolbox with her guidance. I not only found my unique social media personality, but I also shifted perspectives and connected my actions, and emotions with my soul self. Shadab was always able to build a personalized path, handled my emotions, and beautifully took me forward to where I wanted to be. She was able to provide empathy and trust in my experiences while being able to explore the underlying needs and shift perspectives. Her intuitive energy as well as guided meditations were extremely powerful in bringing my deep emotions and information to the conscious mind. She creates a space where you can be vulnerable, open, and secure, and yet transcend on your path of spiritual growth to achieve your goals.

Simran. R

Since the discovery call, I felt safe and secure with Shadab. She made me feel seen and heard. She helped me raise awareness around my problems, set SMART goals, and grow. She was very patient with me throughout this coaching journey. I loved her passion for coaching and her open-ended questions which led me to my goals. She was always well-prepared for our sessions, and there was a structure in every session. I am very grateful that we met. I appreciate her spiritual way, and how she is connected to the Universe, and when I didn´t know that I needed to slow down and be grounded; she walked me through a customized guided meditation, which was the need of an hour. She has deep intuition which is one of her strengths. Thank you so much for your energy, love, and connection.

Lucie. S, Czech Republic

Thank you so much Shadab for being a great coach. Shadab has helped me gain back my confidence by unlocking my limiting beliefs. Sessions with her were always powerful and after each session, I got to learn something new about myself. Now I can speak in public with confidence. I am very thankful for her help. Thank you.

Akritee. A, Belgium

Working with Shadab was truly illuminating. I was able to get to the root causes of the things that were bothering me, and then I was able to address them. She was remarkable in coaching me to find my own answers and solutions to my problems. By the end of our sessions, I felt a sense of inner peace and empowerment that I could not only face my insecurities but rise above them.

Latoya. S, USA

I highly recommend Shadab for life coaching. I did five coaching sessions with her, and she helped me get an insight into the root cause of my problems. Her coaching helped me come up with a plan and take action to work toward it. She is a very good listener and has an outstanding ability to understand her client’s issues well. She is good at redirecting and very patient. I wish her good luck in this journey to help others who are in need of her services.

Amy. M, Chicago

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